BEWARE: Countdown Phishing email SCAM

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BEWARE: Countdown Phishing Email Scam

I was quietly working at my desk and received an alert on my phone that I had a new email.

WOOHOO It seemed that I had been selected to receive an award from Countdown. I decided to inspect the email further as it was not address to me and the email that it was from only stated “Limited” so I expanded the address to find that it was from

We can clearly determine from this simple check that this is not from countdown and is a phishing email sent to trick consumers into clicking on the offer and downloading / infecting their machine with a virus / malware or even ransomware.

This is why we need to stay vigilant and train ourselves never to click blindly on links in emails even if they appear to come from a legitimate source without first confirming its authenticity.

Share this post to your family and friends so they are aware of these types of scans.

Stay Cybersafe and BugFree!

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