Hackers and Security Researchers Accessed an Entire Version of Leaked iOS 14 OS Before Official Release

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Several hackers, security researchers, and even journalists have access to an entire version of Leaked iOS 14 before the official release since February, Cyber Security News learned.

In general, Apple usually launches its new iOS versions in September month of every year, along with the new generation of iPhones. But, the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic could change the plans of Apple.

This is not something new, as this version would being shared among this network of people at least since last February.

This detail is the key thing that gives gravity to this supposed leak since it was between the end of February, and at the beginning of March, the rumors about iOS 14(Features) began to be published.

Here’s what the security researcher and blogger, Vice stated, “especially hackers have had access to an early version of iOS 14 at least since February, which would explain the number of leaks we have had from iOS 14 as the relative to customizable widgets or the Search application, among other things.”

iOS 14 Has Been Floating Around The Internet for Months

The amount of detail that leaked these rumors was somewhat suspect in perspective, and now the reason could have been discovered. As the journalists who published those rumors would have had access to the leaked early version of iOS 14.

The popular media portal, 9to5Mac has discovered the news that will probably come with iOS 14, like the new home screen, sophisticated mouse cursor support, and much more. 

Not only that, but even the future Apple products were also revealed in this leak, and all these become possible due to the references found in the code, like the new iPad Pro, and the new headphones.

Moreover, the journalists are not alone to get access to this leak, as we told earlier. There are hackers and security researchers who have been analyzing the new early version of iOS 14 for months and looking for possible errors and security holes.

The Director of Cyber Products at SIXGEN, Ryan Duff, who reviewed the leaked code presented by the Motherboard has stated that “It gives insight into a decrypted copy of the iOS file system months before release so it could be very useful.

It’s pre-release, lots could change, but it’s a trove of information. I can’t say this will give an easy jailbreak or anything like that, but it’s way more information about an upcoming iOS than we ever see normally.”

Origin of this leak

The origin of this early version of iOS 14 is not yet known, but most likely, it is assumed that it leaked from an Apple developer’s iPhone 11, which would have been sold in China for thousands of dollars. The phone itself is a normal iPhone 11, but instead of running iOS 13, it has an early version of iOS 14.

Apart from this, this early version of iOS 14 is dated last December 2019, and therefore it is far from the final version. At the moment, Apple is expected to officially present the upcoming version of iOS, the iOS 14, at the next WWDC.

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