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Who is NanoTech Security

Humble beginings

NanoTech Security is one of a group of IT Companies started by our founder Joseph Morgan. NanoTech Computers, NanoTech Security & iRoam Studios all under the umbrella of the parent company NanoTech IT. 

NanoTech Computers was the first of these companies that Joseph started as a teenager in 1995, building and servicing computers for home users and small to medium sized businesses.

In the evolving digital landscape, the term “NanoTech Security,” while drawing inspiration from the precision and innovation of nanotechnology, signifies an acute and meticulous approach to cybersecurity solutions.

Within this framework, protection measures are both expansive, covering broad systems, and precise, pinpointing the minutest vulnerabilities, much like how nanotechnology operates at the atomic or molecular level.

Our Mission

Empowering Small to Medium-sized Businesses with Premier Enterprise-Level Security and Support.

Leading the Future of Cybersecurity in New Zealand and Australia: Championing Robust Defence and Empowering Businesses.

Our Vision

Core Values

  • Unwavering Excellence in Customer Service: Prioritising prompt and unparalleled responses to every partners need.

  • Unified Collaboration: Promoting a culture where teamwork drives success.

  • Optimal Resource Utilisation: Ensuring the highest efficiency in time and asset management.

  • Pioneering Innovation: Spearheading industry advancements and transformative solutions.

  • Unyielding Accountability and Integrity: Holding ourselves to the highest standards of honesty and responsibility.

Why Choose Us

At NanoTech Security, we’re more than just a managed cybersecurity provider. We position ourselves as your trusted IT Security partner, adeptly guiding you through the ever-evolving digital threat landscape. Our forte lies in tailoring cybersecurity strategies, ensuring they resonate with your business’s unique pulse, whether you’re a nascent enterprise or a seasoned market leader. Choose us for precision, expertise, and unwavering partnership in your cybersecurity journey.

Awards & Recognition

Manage Security

Best Data Security 

Cloud Security

Application Security

Data Prevention

Our team

Meet the Team

Joseph Morgan

Founder & CEO

Alexia Morgan

Practice Manager

Nadia Morgan

Intern – SEO & Digital Marketing

Promise Courtney

Intern – Cybersecurity Analyst

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a myriad of services and know getting the right support is overwhelming. Sourcing our frequently asked questions, we want to help and provide you with the service that is right for you.

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